Terry Hitt  (  - Has developed a Video Overlay Module  based on the Parallax Propeller(TM) with a host of features in a concise package.


HC-OSD Feature List

  • Propeller Chip with ext. XTAL 5 MHZ
  • PS/2 Keyboard Input
  • GPS Serial Input
  • TTL & RS232 Serial Input
  • Onboard Real-Time clock
  • High Resolution 256x192 pixels
  • Save/Load screen from EEPROM
  • Power via Barrel Connector (6 ...9 VDC)
  • Lithium BackUp Battery
  • What others have said about HC-OSD -

  • Very nice work !
  • Nice PC Layout Terry.
  • Looking good.!


    The HC-OSD Schematic

     View or save the HC_OSD_Schematic.pdf


    Get the HC-OSD Manual

     View or save the HC_OSD_Manual.pdf courtesy of  Terry Hitt.


    Download the Sourcecode 

            .Zip Format (approx. 36KB)


    Where to get your HC-OSD

    You may contact Terry Hitt ('Bean') on the Ignite Automation Forums or simply post your request under the Parallax Propeller (TM) section on the forums ..

    and Terry will process it from there ....

    or visit the the website



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