The easyProp


Franz Achatz - Has built a  high quality PCB based on the Parallax Propeller(TM) with a host of features ..  It is ideal for both the experienced and novice users .. see the feature list ..



easyProp Blue

easyProp is also available in a beautiful blue finish 

New !!  The easyPROP Starter Kit

The easyPROP is now available as an attractively Packaged easyPROP Starter Kit with updated documentation and CD.

easyProp Feature List

  • Propeller Chip with ext. XTAL 5 MHZ
  • Audio
  • SD Memory Slot
  • USB Programming Interface
  • Ethernet ENC28J60 Interface
  • XBee Module (optional)
  • Power via USB
  • Power via Barrel Connector (6 ...9 VDC)
  • VGA
  • TV Video
  • PS2 Mouse Interface
  • PS2 Keyboard Interface
  • Port Pins P0...P27 available via SIL Pinheader
  • Reset Switch
  • User LEDs for P22 and P23
  • VGA and Video can be disabled via the DIL Switches
  •  Professional 2 layer board with toplayer silkscreen
  • Board dimensions 80x100mm
  • CDROM with schematics, easyPROP Demo software and Manual included

    What others have said  about EasyProp -

  • Great looking board and schematic!
  • Looks great,I like the SD card add on,built in.
  • Sounds good Franz, looking forward to getting my hands on one!.
  • Congratulations - Excellent job !
  • I can't recommend it highly enough ! A really neat bit of kit ..
  • Congrats Franz - nice board.


    Where to get your EasyProp

    NEW !! easyPROP is available  at   UK based Supplier


    You may contact 'franzachatz' via PM on the Ignite Automation Forums or simply post your request under the Parallax Propeller (TM) section on the forums ..

    or alternatively on the Parallax forums ..

    and Franz will process it from there ....


    The easyProp Schematic

    The latest easyPROP_schematic.pdf courtesy of  Franz Achatz.


    Get the EasyProp Manual

    New - The latest easyPROP.pdf courtesy of  Franz Achatz.

    The earlier easyPROP.pdf courtesy of  Franz Achatz.




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