The Parallax Propeller Demo Board

The new Propeller Demo Board, Rev C. visibly demonstrates the Propeller's varied capabilities in a compact and fun platform. You can use it to learn Propeller programming and then develop full-blown applications which generate video and sound, and utilize mice and keyboards. All the requisite power supply and USB loading circuitry is provided for you. Eight unused I/O pins are available for experimentation. Kit includes Propeller Demo Board, and a USB A to Mini B Cable. Take a look at the schematic below for details.

The Demo Board Feature List

  • P8X32A-Q44 Propeller Chip
  • 24LC256-I/ST EEPROM for program storage
  • Replaceable 5.000MHz crystal
  • 3.3V and 5V regulators with on/off switch
  • USB-to-serial interface for loading and communication
  • VGA output
  • TV output
  • Stereo output with 16-ohm headphone amplifier
  • Electret microphone input
  • Two PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard I/O
  • 8 LEDs (share VGA pins)
  • Pushbutton for reset
  • Big ground post for scope hookup
  • I/O pins P0-P7 are free and brought out to header
  • Breadboard for custom circuits
  • 3x3" overall

View or download the Parallax Propeller Demo Board Schematic

Propeller Demo Board Schematic (.pdf)


Where to get your Demo Board

To purchase or for more information on the Demo Board visit Parallax -

Propeller Demo Board

European customers Visit   UK based Supplier


Packages Containing the 'Demo Board'

Parallax also offer the Propeller Demo Board as part of the Propeller Starter Kit

This Kit contains the Software CD, USB  A- mini B cable, Power supply, The propeller Manual and the Demo Board. The Propeller starter Kit is available here -  Propeller Starter Kit.






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