The PropDongle

Terry Hitt ( - has developed the Prop Dongle - a self-contained USB development board for the Parallax Propeller(TM)  microcontroller.


PropDongle Feature List

  • Propeller Chip with ext. XTAL 5 MHZ
  • Onboard EEPROM
  • Power via USB
  • 12 I/O Lines
  • 200mA PTC Fused
  • 70mm * 38mm
  • Onboard Prototype Area
  • More Images of the PropDongle -

               Fig.1                                                                                               Fig.2

    Figure 1: Shows how a PropDongle user removed the Protoyping area and added a right angled header.

    Figure 2: Displays a PropDongle in a custom enclosure

    What others have said about PropDongle -

  • Looks super!
  • These look great
  • It is works perfectly!
  • It's a great idea
  • Very cute!


    The PropDongle Schematic

     View or save the PropDongle_Schematic.pdf


    Get the PropDongle Manual

     View or save the PropDongle_Manual.pdf courtesy of  Terry Hitt.


    Where to get your PropDongle

    You may contact Terry Hitt ('Bean') on the Ignite Automation Forums or simply post your request under the Parallax Propeller (TM) section on the forums ..

    and Terry will process it from there ....

    or visit the website



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