The Parallax Propeller Proto Board

Parallax’s Propeller Proto Board is a low cost, high quality solution for permanent projects using the Propeller chip. To save the user some expense, the USB programming interface is not included on the Propeller Proto Board; we suggest you purchase a Prop Plug for programming your Propeller Proto Boards.

This board is also ready for use with the Prop Clip, and is also compatible with the USB2SER with the addition of a 4-pin header (not included).

The Proto Board Feature List

  • P8X32A-Q44 Propeller chip
  • 64 KB EEPROM for program and data storage
  • LM1086 5V and 3.3V regulators provide up to 1.5 Amps with an input power supply of 6-9 VDC
  • Accepts the optional VGA, mouse and keyboard interface available in the Accessory Kit.
  • Three-position power switch (off, logic power, power to logic and servo ports)
  • Sockets for 4 servos
  • Removable 5MHz crystal
  • Access to all 32 I/O pins
  • Large amount of prototyping area
  • Unplated row of holes along perimeter to provide stress relief to off-board connections
  • Same mounting holes as the Board of Education (3” x 4”) for compatibility with the Boe-Bot® robot

View or download the Parallax Propeller Proto Board Documentation.

Propeller Proto Board Documentation (.pdf)

NEW ! - Also Available the Propeller Proto USB Board

Propeller Proto USB Board

Propeller Proto Board Accessory Kit

The Propeller Proto Board Accessory Kit includes all the parts necessary to connect VGA, keyboard, mouse and servos to the Propeller Proto Board

This Kit contains the following Parts -
  • Keyboard/Mouse/VGA parts
    • Norcomp 999-H15-PS2L571 integrated SVGA and PS/2 mouse and keyboard connector.
    • 4 - 470 Ω ¼ Watt resistors
    • 5 - 100 Ω ¼ Watt resistors
  • Servo parts
    • 5 - 3 Pin Header SR 3 Pin Solder bearing
    • shorting block


Programming your Proto Board with the 'Prop Plug'

To program the Proto board you will require a 'Prop Plug'

The Prop Plug and Prop Clip each provide a USB-to-serial port connection that is convenient for microcontroller programming and communication. These tiny devices are capable of asynchronous communication at up to 3 M baud with both 3.3-volt and 5.0-volt devices such as the Propeller and BASIC Stamp. The Prop Plug slips onto a 4-pin, 0.1" spaced header, allowing both PCB's and breadboards to provide in-circuit programming capability. Use the Prop Clip if programming with fewer components via a PCB edge connector is desired. Note: USB A to Mini B Retractable Cable is included .


View or download the 'Prop Plug' documentation -

PropPlug Documentation



Where to get your Proto Board, Accessory Kit and PropPlug

To purchase or for more information on the Proto Board and/or Accessory Kit and Prop Plug visit these links  -

Propeller Propeller Proto Board

Proto Board Accessory Kit


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