The Spin Studio Development System


The SpinStudio Kit:

The SpinStudio system is a modular style development system based around the Parallax Propeller. Start with a Main Board as your plate, and fill it full of good stuff from the robust selection of peripheral modules. Configure your board your way! Decide for yourself which devices you want to interface with your Propeller.
The system is obsolete-proof! As new ideas are developed, a Peripheral module can be easily created and plugged into your existing Main Board. Also, when the Propeller II is released, keep all your existing Peripheral modules and just upgrade your Main Board. Got a great idea that you want to make into a peripheral module yourself? There's the SpinStudio ProtoCard that you can solder together your own module!

SpinStudio Main Boards and peripheral boards are sold as kits, and assembled by the customer before use. Some basic soldering skills and tools are necessary are required. All components are through-hole and spaced for easy soldering.


More About the SpinStudio MainBoard:

The Main Board has the following features.

  • On board voltage regulation both 3.3V and 5V to feed both the Propeller and all 4 Peripheral sockets.
  • Socket for 40 pin DIP version of the Propeller
  • Socket for a 8 pin DIP serial EEPROM
  • 5 mhz Crystal
  • 4 pin PropPlug connector
  • Power Switch
  • Reset switch
  • 4 connectors for Peripheral Modules each containing the following signals:
    • 3.3V
    • 5V
    • VSS
    • I2c Bus (SDA and SCL)
    • Access to 8 Propeller IO Pins

UPDATE - A Propeller and EEPROM are now included for no extra charge with
                 the purchase of a Main Board

The following parts are required for use and must be purchased separately

  • A 7-9 volt wall transformer - with a 2.1mm center positive barrel connector
  • PropPlug for Programming
  • Various soldering and hand tools needed for assembly

Upon request, an EEPROM loaded with the latest version of Jeff Ledger's PropDOS will be included with any SpinStudio Main Boards purchased. PropDOS will allow you to load and run compiled Binary files from an SD card with the optional SD Card adapter. This will allow you to get up and running with SpinStudio without the purchase of a PropPlug for programming.

Peripheral Modules that are available now:

There are currently 10 different Peripheral Modules available -

  • Mouse/Keyboard
  • VGA
  • Composite Video / Audio
  • Parallel LCD 
  • PropNIC ethernet adapter
  • XBee adapter
  • SD card adapter
  • Input / Output / Servo
  • Blank ProtoCard
  • * NEW - PropJoy - Dual Joystick Card

More to come!

Stand-alone SpinStudio Modules?
Modifications to Parallax's ProtoBoard can be made so that SpinStudio modules will plug right in! The procedure to convert your Proto Board into a SpinStudio clone is detailed in Jeff Ledger's Propeller Cookbook, which you can access in the tutorial section at This is the easy way to add features to your Proto Board. Certain SpinStudio modules were designed to be plugged directly into a solderless breadboard too! Any module that can plug into a solderless breadboard can also be interfaced with any other available development board that you may already own, such as Parallax's Demo Board, EasyProp, PropRPM, PropDongle and others. The following chart explains how Modules can be used.

Module Name Use with SpinStudio? Use with modified Proto Board? Use with Solderless BreadBoard?
Mouse/Keyboard X X  
Composite Video/Audio X X  
Parallel LCD X X  
PropNIC Ethernet adapter X X X
XBee Adapter X X  
SD Card Adapter X X X
Input/Output/Servo X X  
Blank ProtoCard X X  
PropJoy X X  
NESController x x  
PropNic x x  


Where to Purchase SpinStudio systems or components?

SpinStudio can be purchased directly through the website. Also find useful Reference material and Tutorials on the Tutorials page of the same site.

Or contact Brian Meade directly by any of the following means:




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