The PropBus

 R.T Nollet of Melbourne Australia has built a Modular development system based around the Parallax Propeller(TM)- Initially aimed at the educational market - this product is also ideal for anyone wishing to quickly implement a modular scalable solution.

The system is a comprehensive package of modules based around a Parallax Propeller(TM) motherboard - the desired module is attached to the motherboard via the supplied cable assembly. This allows the user to quickly implement a tailored microprocessor based solution in minutes !


The PropBus MotherBoard


The motherboard (Fig. 1)  contains a terminal block to attach the supply - 2 on board regulators 5v and 3.3v (and associated passive components) a socketed DIP packaged P8X32A processor (Parallax Propeller) to allow for easy removal/replacement. The connection headers to attach the desired PropBus modules

View / download the motherboard BOM (Bill of materials) here - PB_MB_BOM.pdf

View / download the motherboard Schematic here  -

View / download the motherboard IDC Header Pinout here - IDC_Headers.pdf

The PropBus Modules (Input / Output Module)


                                                             Fig. 2

Fig. 2 Displays the Input / Output module incorporating LED indication of status.

View / Download details of the PropBus I/O module here - PB_IO_DET.pdf


The PropBus Modules (SOIC to DIP and Solderless Serial Adapter)


                                                  Fig.3                              Fig.4



Fig.3 Shows the SOIC(8) to DIP (8) adapter

Fig.4 Is the solderless serial adapter

Fig.5 Shows the Ribbon Cable Adapters


The PropBus Modules (Prototyping Module)



The PropBus System Contents

  • 1 off PropBus motherboard
  • 3 off Combination in and output boards with indicator + dipswitches
  • 1 off Vero board with ribbon connector + other connectors to be able to connected to mother board neatly
  • 4 off Ribbon cable to solderless breadboard adapter PCBs with components
  • 1 off Serial port connector to solderless breadboard dip adapter
  • 1 off SMD component 8 SOIC adapter PCB for surface mounts components

  •     ( allows mounting to solderless breadboard with header pins)

      see attached document for details - PropBus System_Europe.pdf


                                                          Fig.7 : PropBus Production Run

    Where can I get The PropBus System ?

    Ronald Nollet
    35 Woolart street
    Strathmore Victoria 3041
    Or contact 'OzStamp' via the Ignite Automation Forums

    What is the Parallax Propeller(TM) ?

    The Parallax Propeller is an exciting new Micro Processor by Parallax Inc - check out the following Links -

    and the Parallax discussion forum -




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