IA_logger is a .NET application enabling serial to HTML data logging of communications between a P.C and any serial device. It incorporates port enumeration, log file selection, updating / logging to network based files. Configuration save utility. Inbuilt log file viewer ,internet browser and print function. IA_logger also incorporates a Send function - so as to facilitate sending of data to the serial device - this Sent data is also Logged to the selected log file. Best of all it is FREE - All we ask is that you post your findings and/or any suggestions you may have on the Ignite Automation forums and perhaps tell us more about the application that you are using IA_Logger for. To be able to use IA_Logger  .NET runtimes 2.0 will be required.

A newer version Has been added October 2022 same basic functionality .NET 4 runtimes and a cleaner look..

Update: IA_Logger v5.00 is now available

Fig.1 The Main Form                                                                  Fig.2 The Log file Viewer

A_Logger Feature List

  • Write / Log to HTML files
  • Write / Log to text based files
  • Port Enumeration
  • Fully configurable serial port setup
  • Integrated real time Log file viewer
  • Integrated web browser
  • Save configuration Facility
  • Log to network based files
  • Integrated Printing Facility
  • Help file and Tooltips

  • What can I use IA_Logger  for ?

    IA_logger can be used to log and store all serial communication to/from your P.C and attached serial device - It has been used to log files and display them on the internet - Real Time web Page updates of all serial data - this is achieved by logging to a file on a P.C running a web service . It will enumerate all available serial devices e.g. Standard Serial Ports, USB to Serial devices and ethernet to serial devices. Ignite Automation also have a TCP/IP communication / logging utility called IA_Socket - details available soon ..

    Download IA_Logger

    You can download IA_Logger in Zipped format here -

    The Newer Version 2022 here ... IA_Logger  -


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